Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roamy takes in Jefferson City -

  The blacksmith and I took Roamy to town. Our first stop was the Jefferson Visitors Bureau. We visited the county courthouse, the old Missouri State Penitentiary (which we could have signed up for a ghost tour), it is open on certain days for tours. We stopped by the Governor's Mansion (where the gate talked to me).

  We went to Jefferson Landing where we found there was an iron exhibit (music to the blacksmith's ears, so we checked that out).

We saw the Lewis and Clark bigger than life size bronze statues, including their dog Seaman. Across the street we saw the Governor's gardens, the tulip trees had been nipped with frost, but still pretty and pink.

  The Capitol was in the same block, there we took Roamy to see the north side which over looks the mighty Missouri river.

 Our last stop was the Missouri Conservation Runge Center (combine pleasure and business, the blacksmith had to pick up his season Turkey tags, to hunt them legally) and Roamy took a ride on the new bronze turtle which will be dedicated April 16, when the blacksmith has an invitation to demonstrate there!

 He also had a nice visit with Smokey the bear.

  Roamy has already left the building, headed for a new adventure.  Restless soul, he is. 

Some interesting links -

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Elizabeth Rozier Gallery/Jefferson Landing


  1. Awesome tour of Jefferson City... wonder where the little fella will end up next.. Can't wait!


  2. Enjoyed this Karen. Love visiting Jefferson City! did you take Roamy to Central Dairy, by chance?:-)

    When you mentioned the prison it reminded me of a field trip during the 1950's. My 8th grade civics class took a tour of the capitol. Afterward we went to Algoa Farms (the other prison, just across the Mo River). Yes, we 8th graders actually toured Algoa Farms, still in use at the time, seeing everything including inmates.

  3. Wow...I wish I could be Roamy's chaperone!!! Great tour!

  4. We certainly have a beautiful city here in Jeff City. Our downtown is vibrant and interesting.
    Have enjoyed every moment since we moved here.
    Safe travels, Roamy.

  5. Gorgeous photo's, Roamy seems to have all the fun! Lucky little bugger. :)

  6. What a beautiful city!! Glad Roamy got to see it!

  7. Beautiful city and your photos are excellent. :)

  8. Roamy is quite photogenic and his chaperone takes amazing photos!

  9. We loved showing Roamy our town. It was just a little too cold to take him to Central Dairy. But it's an awesome place for local homemade ice cream, the best ever!
    Pat talked about Algoa Prison, that is still in use with the new Missouri State Prison next door.
    Thank you bloggers for your nice comments on "our" town.

  10. Oh my goodness! How did Roamy get to Missouri? That's my home state. I was in Jeff City this past summer. We bought a 4-wheeler there. Really enjoyed your pics. Thanks for sharing your trip.