Monday, June 27, 2011

Roamy arrives in Arizona!....

The box Arrived. 
It had been lost for almost a week. 
The mailman delivered him to the wrong
address and he finally caught up with me.
I found this precious green box 
when I opened the brown box.

Then I saw this.
Look at all the little snowflakes.
I guess it is a good thing he was
packed inside with snowflakes,
as he was certainly HOT when
I opened the box.

And out he hopped.
He said, "Oh my gosh,
do you know it is 116 degrees today?"
Where on earth am I?
Roamy, I said, you have came
to visit the desert, here in Phoenix.
He stretched his little legs, wiped
his brow, and said where is the
pool? Lordy, Lordy is it ever hot.

We decided a swim was in order.
He tried out the swimming goggles.
To BIG, he decided to rough it.
Hang on Mom, wait until you see this:

Roamy learned to float on his back.
He is so proud. Can't wait to show you.

Roamy learned that saguaro cactus
are really large. 
They also have sharp
thorns that stick you, if you aren't careful.

He thought the golden barrel cactus were pretty.
But gosh, they stick you too. It is 7pm and it is
still 113 degrees. Roamy is ready to go back inside.

We're getting ready for the 4th of July. 
I can't wait.  Fireworks.... 
Now if I only knew what fireworks were.

Roamy will be here in Phoenix
through Monday, July 4th.
He is traveling around the world,
and has to go back home
in February 2012.
His Mom is keeping a record of his
travels at the following blog: 
If you would be interested in hosting
Roamy for a visit, please email me.
I will be sending him along to his
next home on Tuesday, July 5th.
Karen would like for him to see all that
he can see. She has maps of the homes
he has visited on her website, and let's
keep him moving.

As always,
thank you for stopping by,
my little piece of heaven,
here in the desert,
that I so love to call home.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Roamy in Mushroom land, Pennsylvania!

Roamy arrived from Canada, nodded his cap and disappeared out in my yard for the longest time. I knew exactly where he was-with the gnomes and fairies. This ‘special’ group resides in the town (outskirts) next to Kennett Square, ‘The Mushroom Capital of the World’ where there is a  mushroom festival every September-the 26th year is this year! There are lots of ‘magical’ mushrooms in our garden! Roamy is posing here on one.

Meeting my Penna. Gnome pals

A cool party gnome

Roamy in particularly liked this guy as he looked so ‘cool’ with his shades and cocktail. Said he loves Jimmy Buffet-no kidding! : )  Roamy knows I love gardening and he said he wants to be a florist-so he stopped and smelled the Sweet Bay Magnolia:

Roamy sniffing the Sweet Bay Magnolia

Checked out some petunias:

Roamy under the orange petunias

And wondered if he could take some of these viney things with him so he could pretend to be Jack in the Beanstalk:

Beans like Jack in the Beanstalk

Note from the Roaming Gnome Keeper of the Blog:
This post was much more extensive with great pictures and an extended journey,
but I had extreme difficulty publishing the post from her blog... so please
go visit her HERE for his entire visit.
Perhaps because that blog is wordpress, the post isn't compatable with blogger?
I usually copy and paste without difficulty.

Next up: Roamy in Arizona~