Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Roamy in Missouri!

This just in from The Blacksmith....
There was a visitor today in the shop!
Roamy is his name.
He just stopped by to say hello.
After a tour of Jefferson City, MO he will be leaving almost as quickly as he came.
Stay tuned for more MO adventures...

Looks like he's staying out of trouble... so far.


  1. I'll be back to see what he's up to waaay over there in Missouri. Did he pound out any horse shoes there in the shop?


  2. What an interesting place to visit! Roamy must have a lot of fun during his journey :)

  3. Roamy, you were so close to me...just a hop, skip and a jump down to Arkansas! Next time come visit!

  4. Awwww, he's having such a good time. Love the pics!! :)

  5. come to savannah roamy- the weather is much nicer here than missouri i'm sure! ;)