Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Roamy sighting in Michigan!

 Roamy showed up on the doorstep of Zoey and family in  lower Michigan...

Zoey says:  "In our get-acquainted chat, Roamy told me that so far he has been to these starred states:
Through chattering teeth, he said that so far Michigan is the furthest north he's traveled. 

I think he enjoyed Missouri's weather last week a bit more than he likes the still freezing temps in Michigan.  He was not really dressed for temps in the mid 30's, so I took him over to the sunny side of the garden so he could warm up. 
 He thought the garden was a playground and seemed to have a lot of fun running around and climbing on pieces of garden junk art.
He was pretty tired after the long journey from Missouri so he had a quick dinner, asked me to notify his family that he was in good health, and went right to bed.
This weekend we are planning to take him to visit the Mackinac Bridge (where the arrow is pointing on the map). He's pretty excited about that. He said he once dreamed of being a bridge engineer. He's pretty young, so his dream may still come true.

Roamy only sticks around a few days and then gets the itch to move on. He will be looking for a friendly place to visit next, preferably in a state he has not yet seen. If you would like to host Roamy, please leave me a comment and I will let let him choose his next state later this weekend.

Update on the ATV win:  It's been sold already. I never even saw it.  I guess I will have to haul rocks my usual way -- in a wheelbarrow. :)
Zoey, thanks for the update on Roamy!
We look forward to your excursion with him...


  1. Hee hee. This is too cute. I love Roamy.

  2. Perhaps he could make it to Texas for a roadtrip (April 15th) and then a plane ride to North Carolina?

  3. Perhaps he wants to go with Tufa Girl and I to the Arts Yard festival in Austin?

  4. Oooh, an engineer! I can relate. And can't wait to see the bridge!!!

  5. I'd love it if Roamy wants to visit Pennsylvania.

  6. Zoey did a fantastic job hosting Roamy and documenting his adventure. He sure is brave.

    Roamy is more than welcome to join us in Wisconsin if he'd like, but if he has the chance to join lifeshighway and Tufa Girl on a road trip to Austin, Texas, I hope he takes the opportunity. That will be a trip to remember.