Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Roamy in Charlotte, NC!...

I have had a little visitor this week!

  Roamy arrived at Sherri's house on Monday of last week.  Sherri says in her blog post  " I was sick Monday and Tuesday and I wasn't able to take Roamy on any adventures. Today John and I took Roamy to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden! This is how we spent our day:"

Here is Roamy at our front door. Doesn't he look cute next to my pansies!

We took Roamy to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden today. He couldn't wait to drive through the entrance!

Here he is getting closer to the entrance. He kept trying to run up to the entrance and I had to hold his hand and slow him down.

Just when I thought Roamy was behaving and walking slowly towards the entrance of the Garden he decided to hide out in a group of mini daffodils-isn't he cute!

There is a beautiful white garden at the Daniel Stowe Botanical garden. There is also a fountain and Roamy decided he needed to pose by it.

Roamy making friends with the Bunny at the Garden.

Roamy made quick friends with this little snail at the Garden and it made him feel like he was back home amongst the moss.

Roamy striking a pose in the holly hedge.

I told Roamy to stop being bad and to stop getting so close to the edge of the fountain.

Here is Roamy laughing at me being worried about him falling into the fountain.

Roamy walked with us through the entire Garden and needed a rest at the end. While John and I drank our water, Roamy decided to rest at the table overlooking the garden.

Saying goodbye can be hard, but Roamy was tired and wanted to just hang out at our house.

When we got home, we took Roamy out into our courtyard. He got very smitten with our Garden Fairy! I tried to explain that he will be traveling alot in the next year so he shouldn't make any lasting relationships. He agreed and told the Garden Fairy farewell.

Then Roamy decided to be naughty again-what is with him and water!!

Roamy was on the edge of my fountain again!

I just turned my back and then I heard a plunk in the water. That little devil Roamy had jumped in the water and was playing in my fountain!

Roamy crawled out of the fountain with my help and then jumped up on the fence next to the fountain and was admiring my neighbor's wisteria (that is just starting to bloom).

Well that has been the story of Roamy staying at the McDermitts! Who would like to take Roamy next? I will entertain offers for Roamy's next adventure until Wednesday night. I will then let the lucky person know on Thursday. This has been a really fun adventure and it could be yours!!
             Thank you, Sherri - for taking care of Roamy - I wonder where he'll go next?


  1. Karen, we had a blast with Roamy, even though he can get into a bit of trouble! He doesn't mean it though :). I'll be sending him to his new location on Friday!! I have 2 people that are vying for him as we speak.

  2. Roamyo, Roamyo are where are thou? Please come to Mid-Missouri for a visit. We would love to entertain you!

  3. Roamy sure gets around, and he gets into trouble at every stop. What a cute little guy!

  4. Darn! I'm too late to invite Roamy to the City of Brotherly Love and environs. Maybe next time.

  5. Oh, the Roaming Gnome is so close to me. So sorry I did not get a chance to meet him. One day maybe he would like to visit the Duke Gardens? Or maybe he would like to go rural yard art exploring. (I lean more to the later than the former)

    Cute blog.

  6. What fun that little fella has! Can't wait to see where he ends up on his next adventure. :-))


  7. Oh my. This is too funny! I have been following Roamy for a bit now. It would be fun to have him come up to Jacksonville for a visit. Can't wait to see where he goes next

  8. roamy totally needs to hang out with me in savannah!

  9. Roamy we would LOVE to have you visit Calgary, Alberta. Canada. Do you ski? Come for the World Famous Calgary Stampede in July.