Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roamy's Welsh Experience!

 In April Roamy had a wonderful time with Jill & Tony in Caerphilly ,South Wales  - Land of Dragons, Castles and Song !  Jill & Tony have a trio of beautiful dogs, too..... Roamy enjoyed being pictured with Daffodils, Wales' National Flower and around Caerphilly Castle ( 2nd biggest in the UK after Windsor where the Queen lives ) and it was built in 1271 .After visiting the castle with us we needed a break and Roamy got to sample Welsh Cakes , delicious cakes made with raisins and served warm off the griddle !

Along with Jill and Tony and our 3 Bearded Collies Roamy head up north to Whitby in Yorkshire...Whitby is where Bram Stoker stayed when he wrote 'Dracula' and the abbey mentioned in the book is still there .We made sure Roamy had Garlic in all his meals to ward off any sharp toothed people ! He also got to sample traditional British Fish and Chips and Mushy peas, finished with Whitby's Famous Fudge ..careful you don't put too much weight on for the trip home Roamy !!! He even got to ride on a steam train too !

Next Roamy got to attend the wedding of Megan & Nick as a very special guest  ! Not all gnomes get to stand next to a Silver Lady on a Rolls Royce or end up as part of the Brides Dress !! Thanks to Megan And Nick for having the wee man along,  he was the perfect guest !

Then it was back home to Wales and Roamy met a lovely little Welsh girl, Myfanwy, who agreed to travel home with Roamy...

Happy Trails Roamy it was wonderful to have you stay ! 

Jill and Tony
Dear Jill and Tony -  what a wonderful, wonderful experience you have given Roamy.. the bride and groom were such good sports as well. THANK YOU!