Monday, July 25, 2011

~ Love Is ... ~ Our Unexpected Guest Roamy

A week ago we had shared with you the unexpected arrival of our house guests ...

& the surprising 'bundle of joy' that came with the Mr. & Ms.

When Roamy looked out at our gardens he took off in a FLASH!! He was thrilled to find a fellow gnome.
Mr. Redskin greeted Roamy gleefully, & a
friendship bonded on the spot.

Juliet was intrigued with the gardens huge
sunflowers & the birds flitting about.
She asked if they might go visit these
beautiful birds ... the birds were delighted
to have company.

Mt. Airy, MD is an old railroad town. The railway
is built beneath the city. It is a small community
nestled between Baltimore & Frederick. The town was established in 1830; in the 1860s some Union
soldiers had an encampment here; several fires
have razed the town, the last just a few years ago.

Now you can't come to Mt. Airy & not meet Ms.
Sheree'. Sheree' is the most wonderful friend &
waitress this town has ever had. She got quite a
kick out of meeting our guests.

If you desire wonderful food, great atmosphere &
service come see Sheree' at the Mt. Airy Inn.
Frank Illiano took an old victorian home, restored
it & created this wonderful restaurant.

Roamy was so hungry that he fell into the pancake
slathered in syrup. Juliet, of course, was very lady-
like & contained herself.

They both thanked Ms. Sheree' for a wonderful
meal & told her they were off on an adventurous day.

Roamy was concerned about the conflict between
the states but Harold assured him that the unrest
had been long ago settled. He explained to Roamy
that those northerners imposed their selves upon the
southerners that created a horrible battle between
the states ...father fought son, brother fought
brother. After 4 years of unpleasantness, the issue
was resolved.

Juliet was very interested in the 3,600 feedsacks that
Marydon has in her basement, which she sells all
over the world. So off we went to Shrewsbury, PA,
to visit Ms. Debbie. Ms. Debbie owns
Shrewsbury Antiques on the main street. She
calls Marydon when she finds feedsacks ... today was
our lucky day. Juliet was quite interested in the fact
that clothes were made from these vintage fabrics.
Marydon told Juliet about the underwear that she
& her sister used to wear & the aprons her G'ma
Maggie & Mother used to make ... the gorgeous
quilts for their beds they pieced together for
blankets. Juliet was intrigued.

Then they were off to the Hoffman Paper Mills.
This is the first paper maker in Maryland in 1775 by
William Hoffman.

Roamy insisted that Harold stop the car so he
could have his picture taken in front of the
Maryland State sign.

I tell you, Roamy is quite interested in absorbing
all he can of the history he is surrounded by ...
& Harold is the one to inform him.

And, as the travels for the day came to an end, Juliet loved sharing the beautiful
countryside & barns with Marydon.

Juliet was amused by the flapping laundry hanging on the clotheslines. She's modest.
Ansel, was nestled soundly in his little wee bed.

**Tomorrow we leave on a jet plane**

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  1. These are going to be some "well traveled" Gnomes! Wish I had something to offer them, BUT I DON'T EVEN WANT TO BE HERE MYSELF, much less subject anyone else to it.