Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just when I thought I saw everything...


This just in from Marydon in Maryland.....

~ Love Is... ~ Roamy's Surprise

Many of you may not know about the adventures of
Roamy, the gnome. He has been traveling extensively
& just flew in to Maryland from Sherry @

He has had some wonderful adventures you can read about with
Karen @

I was so tickled to see Roamy arrive in my second favorite color ... lots of green. He looks comfy resting on that pretty PINK pad ...

Now we all know that Roamy met Juliet in Phoenix @ Sherry's & became 'involved'.
Roamy took Juliet to a super fireworks show & they had a grand 'night out & about'.

(Yes, I see a manicure coming up!)

Whhhaaattttt!?!? Is that Juliet?

Oh, my golly! What darling wee toes I see peeking thru the green blankie.

And, I am greeted with a HUGE SURPRISE!!

Look at that cheesy grin on Roamy's face.

Good golly, Miss Juliet! You are beaming, too! Such a busy trip you & Roamy had.

Yes, thank you ... I will introduce your new-gnome son, Ansel. Congratulations to Juliet & Roamy. Welcome to wee Ansel.

Ansel looks darling in his vintage feedsack gnome-hat & gnome-shorts. He is such a cutie.
Stay tuned for Roamy & family's huge travel plans this week .


  1. What great news. Glad to see Roamy is so happy!

  2. That was fast. Somebody might need to put a divider in that package, or postage is going to start increasing, too! LOL!

  3. What wonderful adventures Roamy has traveled.
    Where will he be next?
    XO from Texas,Celestina Marie

  4. Oh Karen Sweetie...
    We are having so much fun with Roamy. I know when you handed him off to me, you would have never guessed and after several conversations with Marydon, I knew he had to go to Maryland, and of course what better surprise than a wee one. I love it. I can't wait to see what new adventures are ahead for him and the family.

    What fun I have had. I hope you are enjoying the stories as well. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  5. His new girlfriend is quite the sex pot! LOL I certainly hope that there is an upcoming wedding being planned. :-) so that Roamy will not be strapped financially with child support payments!! He needs his money for travel expenses for gosh sakes!!!!

  6. Wow, Roamy is a fast operator! A girlfriend and Baby Ansel all in one trip. What a major, life-changing event for the little guy. Now he's a Family Gnome.

  7. Oh my gosh! Where have I been? Surprises, surprises. A Juliet, and now a baby!! I need to start paying more attention to such important and exciting new!!! :)