Monday, January 16, 2012

Roamy in St.Louis!

Roamy recently showed up on the doorstep of  Susan, a pharmacist  in St. Louis - below are some pictures she took of their time together..

Roamy first helped Grandpa feed the baby.


Then he wanted to go to work with me at the pharmacy, so I took him along.

He made friends with Frick and Frack - our delivery guys

St Louis is known to have iffy air quality sometimes so I got him some albuterol

And finally Gnomie helped me package up a 'salad pack' of medications for use in one of our housing facilities. As you can see, this patient is on a lot of medications and Gnomie had to be very careful to put the tablets in the correct spots. He asked for a souvenir so I put a couple in his green case.

Thank you, Susan, for hosting Roamy!


  1. What happened to his family?!

    Love how sweet he is with the baby.
    Have an awesome week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. And this my friends... is Roamy on drugs.