Monday, December 5, 2011

Roamy on a Denmark farm

When roamy arrived in denmark, we were experiencing the most lovely sunny autumn in a decade.

aside from roamy's unfortunate encounter with the scooter, on his first days here, he met a lovely horse

when the horse started to munch, roamy got the heck away from there.
the autumn was long and lovely and there was plenty of time for roamy to explore.

he found mushrooms - inedible

as well as ones that were potentially edible
but mostly he just enjoyed being outside.
then one day, he ran into some of his distant cousins - danish nisse. they lived in a hole in an old pear tree out in the yard.

at that point, he actually disappeared for awhile and went off on adventures with his most decidedly naughty danish cousins. nisse are a kind of gnome that lives in the countryside. if you treat them well, they guard your house and make sure your crops are good.
 but they can be quite trying at times, pulling pranks and tricks. and their next one was a doozie. 

they kidnapped roamy's family!

we know it was them because they used their signature tape
after his family got kidnapped, roamy asked if he could head back to the US

and so we sent him off to amy at tilting at windmills in wisconsin. stay tuned to see if there's a ransom note for his family! you never know where they might turn up. those nisse can be naughty.


  1. Oh to travel the world... Nice to know you are on your way home to the USA, Roamy! We miss you on this side of the pond.

  2. Well, we sure hope his family is returned ... busy little fella.