Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011


Dear Bloggers,
I don't want to say that Mona is a bad hostess...however...lets just say we have had better times?
(this is Roamy talking.. NOT KAREN :-)
Mona you have done a fine job.

Back to Roamy.
It was hot, 110 degree's, every single we paused by the fountain to cool off a bit.  I fell in!  Baby fell in! Mom fell in, but she finally snapped this of us...
Needless to say, we cooled off!!

We rode in Mona's purse to the garage sales (which are NOT exactly what we expected to do) and..
she forgot us! Left her purse AND us in the car!
Now, I TELL that polite??

That'  No...I like palm tree's.  Honest!!

There was a work crew in the back yard laying the new flagstone patio...I offered to help...but they said "that's ok....we're doing fine." 
Friendly sort, her Grandson, Eian. 
I admit it did cross my mind about that wheelbarrow of cement being so CLOSE to me! 

HEY FELLA'S??!!  A little to the right with that last stone? 

Piglet stopped by for a spot of tea.  Was that nice or what??  :)
You know, if I had to listen to Piglet for very long I think his little voice would drive me a wee crazy!!

Mona apologizes for not posting about us..she kept meaning to...but the days just flew.
She gave Mom this lovely necklace to try and make up for her bad manners.

Also painted the tippy top of her hat where it had gotten scuffed pretty bad.
She added tiny angel to keep us safe on our journey. 
We leave in the morning...and let us hope our next hostess is ....more accomadating?

Off we go in the morning...
Much love,
Roamy and family

Thank you, Mona, for hosting Roamy.   Roamy will be stopping at home breifly, and then I'm sure he'll be off again, as he is a bit of a restless soul.  Any of you interesting in hosting Roamy for an adventure in your neck of the woods?  Let me know at


  1. At least they didn't put you to work... or set you in stone! Whew!

  2. Roamy, it could have been worse, right? You could have been sold at the rummage sale! Glad you're back home and know that you and your family are welcome to visit us in Wisconsin any time!

  3. Surprised Mona didn't trade you for a yard sale treasure! Chuckle! Maybe it is best she did leave the purse in the car.

    Glad you had a grand time in the 'tropical climate. Anxious to see what you ar up to now ...

    TTFN ~ Marydon