Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This just in - Roamy and Juliet MARRIED!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

~ Historical Tour of MD & VA ~ Roamy Union Blessed

St. Peter's Catholic Church is a beautiful country church. On the final legs of her restoration, a few years ago she burned & had to be rebuilt. The front facade is still original. Oh, how heart breaking to
see her beauty charred.

Now Roamy & family have been very busy travelling, & expanding. To bless this 'union' Father Jason Worley gave his blessing & also welcomed Ansel to the Lord's community. No nonsense going on with
this wee family. Did you notice Juliet's lovely tulle
veil! What a train she had. The ceremony was beautiful. Now they can safely continue their travels.

But before they left we took them on a 'honeymoon' tour of ...

Frederick, MD has a beautiful canal & walkway right thru the center of the city. When Juliet saw the gorgeous flowers & art along the bridges & canal, she just had to take a stroll with Roamy.

***If you have missed the adventures of Roamy &
Juliet w/Ansel, go to Sunday past to enjoy their
travels throughout this week. Particularly
http://blushingrosetoo.blogspot.com/2011/07/god-bless-our-soldiers-blogger.html, as well as yesterday.***

Roamy was not so sure about this fella until he realized this was merely an artists sculpture.

He went over to chat with these 3 fellas, but got no replies.

This is not distorted, it is how the artist painted it on the bridge walls. I love the
angel greeting you at the entrance.

As we continued our stroll along this
inviting path ...

Roamy got very excited when he noticed a family
of ducks & had to stop to enjoy them. They were too busy to be social.

Juliet was so intrigued with the history of Barbara Fritchie, that we had to take a
jaunt over to the historical home & site.

She was a friend of Francis Scott Key & they participated together in a memorial service at Frederick, MD when George Washington died. A central figure in the history of Frederick, she lived in a house that has, in modern times, become a stop on the town's walking tour. According to one story, at the age of 95 she waved the Union flag in the middle of the street to block, or at least antagonize Stonewall Jackson's troops, as they passed through Frederick in the Maryland Campaign. This event is the subject of John Greenleaf Whittier's poem of 1864, Barbara Frietchie. When Winston Churchill passed through Frederick in 1943, he stopped at the house and recited the poem from memory.

Barbara Fritchie died at the age of 96 and was interred in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, in Frederick City.

Francis Scott Key burial & monument in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD.

You could hear Roamy singing ... '... that our flag is still there'!!!

For a fabulous historical write, visit this site ~

Of course, Harold had to show Roamy where the heroes of the Civil War rest in Mt. Olivet.
154 Confederates, who fought valiantly for 'the
cause' died in hospitals in Frederick. They have
found eternal peace in a single row in Mt. Olivet.
Roamy had no idea that 'his own relatives' could be
part of this southern history, but Harold explained
it very clearly to Roamy he was a 'southern' gnome.

Then we whisked them over to visit the Jug Bridge monument.

For over 130 years, from 1808 to 1942, a very unique stone arch bridge carried everything from horse and buggy, Civil War troops, and finally automobiles over the Monocacy River just east of Frederick. Then suddenly, the bridge collapsed into the river on March 3, 1942. The bridge consisted of two 65 foot spans carried over four arches.

The most unique feature of the Monocacy Bridge was the jug shaped stone demijohn on the east banks of the Monocacy. Years after the collapse of the bridge, the "jug" and a stone monument to Marquis De LaFayette were moved to a park about two miles west of their original location.

Roamy, Juliet & Marydon taking a rest.

The monument honoring Revolutionary War hero, General LaFayette was placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1926. The Monocacy Bridge was where the returning hero was greeted by Fredericktonians in December 1824.

Now we took another trip for a few days to uncharted back roads thru VA. Of course, Roamy & family accompanied us.

It was another feedsack purchasing trip.

After some exquisite countryside, we decided it was time for a good Mexican meal.

You can see that Juliet was ready to 'dive in' to the
margaritas ...

Roamy thought he would go with the guys & try
a Fat Tire beer.

We found a new place that was fabulous, the service was excellent ... Pueblo's Tex Mex Grill in Fredericksburg, VA. Do not pass by if you love good Mexican foods.

This was a whole new adventure for Romeo & Juliet. They could not believe the huge amounts of delicious food. They loved it!


We headed out to Spotsylvania Battlefield. Harold had always wanted to visit. Roamy had his adrenal flowing ... he really has gotten into history.

Ryan Longfellow, a veteran 10 yr. Ranger, had a lovely chat with Roamy, who nestled right up into Ryan's pocket. He didn't want to miss a thing Ryan had to say.

Here Harold is showing Roamy the exact location where great-grandfather John Ransom Green (Harold's maternal side) actually served & fought during the Civil War. It was a nasty battle.


This is an actual live photo from the Civil War of Grant's army was coming thru & all his staff & general's held a meeting in the church yard, taking the pews from the church to outside. These pews are still inside the church being used today. The Matthew Brady photographer, Mr. Timothy Sullivan, took the photo from the balcony window of the church, in May 1864.


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