Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gnome Sighting In Roanoke, Virginia!

Dear Family in Connecticut, Land of the Never-ending Snow,
  I may as well tell you that I am in Roanoke, Virginia, since someone spotted me at the Mill Mountain Star overlooking Roanoke and said they were going to rat me out.  Better to just break this news myself than to be ratted out by the Paparazzi.

The mailman threw me out of his truck near Roanoke and I landed in a big black mailbox at the home of The Blue Ridge Gal.  BRG drove me up on Mill Mountain where I stood at the overlook above the city oohing and aaahing at the view.  It was a somewhat cloudy day so we didn't catch any blue skies, but I really enjoyed myself and the view!  There was a telescope and it gave me a closer look at the city below.  AWESOMENESS!

The HUMONGOUS star is 88 and a half feet tall and was built in 1949 and it's considered  to be the 'World's Largest Man-Made Illumintaed Star', using 2000 feet of neon tubes.  You can hear it hum as you gaze up at it.  I was sorta scared!  BRG said it used to be white, but has been lit up in red, white and blue since the Iraq War.

They now have a web cam attached to the star so visitors can stand and wave to their family on the internet as they visit the Star and the Overlook.  I unfortunately had no one to wave to since I had not told my family where I was going. 

Here is the video of my day in Roanoke.

I would sincerely like to thank BRG for putting up with me as I am a VERY
high maintenance kinda gnome and require a lot of attention.
and I highly recommend the cupcakes!
The Roaming Gnome


  1. ..Love the video!!!..and glad he's behaving himself.. sort of.

    That star is awesome, never heard of it! I wonder if those cupcake people deliver... to Connecticut.

  2. Di, you are hilarious!!! Hmmmmm to go my kitchen in calling me! xo
    P.S. I think that cupcake lady thought you both were crazy...Just Sayin

  3. I think he needs to come to Minnesota!

  4. That's a mere stone's throw from me! I looked out the window and didn't see him in my yard though.

  5. This is such fun! Love the video. The cupcake girl clearly thought she'd better agree with the mad woman waving the gnome ;-) The cupcakes look delicious indeed.

  6. So happy to know the gnome is having such an awesome time! :)

  7. This IS really fun!!! LOVE the video!!! Wonder if they deliver to NY???

    All I can say is, wherever he ends up next is in big trouble...cuz his expectations will be really high after that visit!

  9. Hooray! I am excited to see him roaming!

  10. Virgina is a wonderful place to start journey....and I do hope he visits RI someday:)

  11. LOL-That girl was just a tad confused, doncha think? lol Onward!!!!

  12. oh dear, poor lady in the bubblecake shop. :-) heehee.

  13. So funny and, almost, next door to me. If you count 2+ hours away as being next door.